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Two great apps for the back seats (or just slow days)

As the Easter break is finally approaching and although there are probably not that many long-distance family travelers out there, we guess many will still spend some time in different types of transport – or just simply spend time during this peculiar year. And for that purpose, great apps that engage and don’t require a wi-fi connection are invaluable.

Here are two such apps that can currently be found from our iPads and are also available for Android:

Hoopa City 2 by Dr Panda

We have had the original Hoopa City for a couple of years already but it never really stuck, but this second version is great fun. With Hoopa City 2 you get to build your own city with roads, parks and buildings and as an added bonus versus the original you can also move the characters inside the buildings and continue playing. Our soon five-year-old daughter has been building her own city, with great focus and concentration, and often gets delighted by new discoveries. What is great too is that the city that the child has built is saved in the app and is waiting for the next time the child wants to play.

Pepi Garage by Pepi Play

This is a colourful and easy to use app where you get to first pimp your own car by painting it, changing tires and adding decorations and then drive it in nine different tracks. You get to drive forward and backward and jump over different obstacles. Both our kids have played with this app, but as it’s getting a bit too easy for our daughter, our son who is almost three starts to really enjoy it. As parents we appreciate the creative aspect of the app and although it is about cars and track driving it does feel quite unisex in design.

Happy Easter everyone!

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