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Appado is created by us, Sara and Magnus, parents of two kids born 2016 and 2018.

Despite their being more demand for kids apps than ever, many of the great app review sites that once existed are no longer active and hence it can be difficult for parents to find the right apps for their kids. At the same time, quality kids’ apps that deserve to be noticed can disappear in the app stores.

Appado is not a traditional review site however, but instead it is a platform where we not only lift quality kids apps but also talk about the process of creating apps, introduce great app developers and discuss kids’ entertainment in general.

Our tips are based on our personal views as parents and designers. The focus of this platform is therefore not children’s education or gaming overall but we simply want to share which apps we as a family appreciate – and also wish to facilitate discussion on the topics around kids entertainment.

Hope you will join our journey, we would love to hear from you!


We are a family of five living in central Stockholm; parents Sara and Magnus, our kids Vilma and Elmo, and our sausage dog Alfons. Sara is originally from Finland and Magnus is Swedish but we chose to drive this platform in English to make it more accessible.

Sara is the founder of Nampa Design and has created apps for kids since 2014. That journey will deserve a post on its’ own but one can say that a lot has been learned along the way. Sara is also working as a freelancer within branding and marketing.

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Magnus is an Art Director and Designer. Former creative lead of his own founded agency but nowadays he is driving his own creative design studio. He has a specific interest in all sorts of kids entertainment both as a parent but also as a designer.

You might wonder why we even want to talk about other apps than Nampa apps. That is simply because just like with toys, our kids do not only play with one type of app but have interest in many different kinds of apps. Some of these apps are brilliant and deserve to be recommended.

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