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App tip: BUU-klubben

Name: BUU-klubben

Ages: 3+ (how we see it)

Especially for kids who love: A variety of different mini-games

Devices: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

We are all up for paying for high quality apps as developers need to earn their living but here is another great app that is completely free, with courtesy of Finnish public broadcasting Yle. The app is actually in Swedish as it is specifically developed for the Swedish speaking Finns (there is an equally good app by Yle in Finnish called Pikku Kakkonen) but we believe that irrespective of the language a child speaks, this app is worth downloading as it is intuitive and easy to use even on mute.

BUU-klubben includes several mini-games and gets regularly updated with new ones. We have had the app on our iPad for a couple of years now and our kids keep returning to it. Our 3-year old son is currently very fascinated with letters and the mini-game where you learn to draw letters trickers a lot of “what starts with an M” questions. Last weekend our kids played with the app together, taking funny photos and decorating the images – and as a bonus these images were not saved on the iPad eating up the memory. The Microphone that records your talking and then talks back at you has been a source of many giggles.

What else is good:

The mini-games have a great variety, ranging from birds driving rally to a traditional memory game. There should be something for everyone.

What could be even better:

The app is safe to play, high quality and completely free – hence no criticism is justified.


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