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Creating apps for kids: Part 2

This is me in November 2017, as I was launching app number 4, Nampa Party. I was pregnant with our son at the time, so not just more apps been born since this picture. App number 8 coming soon!

Last time I wrote about the process of creating apps I finished the post with “So here I am now, with the white paper and black pen ready. I have some thoughts in my head of what the next Nampa app could be but I have not ‘seen it’ yet.” Now many months later I can say that I have indeed seen it and a lot has happened since that post, as I’m slowly but surely approaching the launch of the new Nampa app.

The clear vision of this next coming app as well as the graphic style I now have landed in helped the creative process flow relatively easily. It has still meant hours and hours of work, mainly in the evenings, creating the overall look and feel for the app as well as the thousand details that are necessary to make the animations work. I sometimes think that I must be so stupid continuing to do this, as the apps are not exactly a gold mine but quite the opposite, cost me a lot of money, but this is far too much fun for me to stop doing it.

I’m a few weeks away from the launch now, I can’t share with you anything yet but I do have a good itch about this one. After doing it so many times and learning so much on the way I think I can say now that creating a quality kids’ app is not the biggest challenge for me anymore. What is way, way more difficult is getting people to notice the app and then get actual downloads, when I only have very limited marketing funds available. That is something that I still need to crack and that is still what makes me most nervous about the launch.

So….to be continued.

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