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Older apps for kids, are they still worth downloading?

App stores still sell many kids apps that were created what feels like a lifetime ago, at least in digital years. Some stand the test of time, for example Petting Zoo by Fox & Sheep is still popping up as the App of the day on the App Store despite it being launched eight years ago. Others are aging less well. This is mostly due to technology enabling so much more today but also the app developers have grown and become more sophisticated in app design. It is good to remember that apps have only existed around 10 years so the industry is still very young.

When I first started the creative process for the first Nampa app in 2014, Sago Mini Soundbox was one of the apps that kept coming up in discussions with parents. The app is still available, it is very well made and I’m sure it serves a purpose with the youngest players. However, I don’t know whether such app would be launched today. After all, our Alfons has “played” it (Alfons is our sausage dog) as it only requires the simplest of screen interactions to make it work. The customer expectations are very different now than those days and the kids apps today must be both multifaceted and engaging.

I’m now facing a dilemma on what to do with the two oldest Nampa apps, Nampa Forest and Nampa Tivoli. App Store is expecting me to make some changes to the app data to make them qualify for future sales, but I’m not sure whether it is worth the investment. I have already priced these two apps much lower than the newer apps, as they have less content. Now I’m also starting to feel that these apps no longer reflect the Nampa today, as even my own skills in creating graphics and app design have developed for the better over the years.

So, I’m either going to make the required changes or remove the two apps from the App Store. I’m guessing it will be the latter. Although it kind of feels like the right thing to do, it is also with sadness I would let go of my two first digital babies.

And the answer to the question, are older kids apps worth downloading? Most probably yes, there are some real gems out there – even Nampa Forest and Nampa Tivoli are still appreciated by many. But consider giving the developer a second chance by downloading one of the later apps, if the older app does not quite deliver. You can always regret your purchase and get your money back.

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