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Not all evil with YouTube

Although our kids are allowed to play with their iPads at weekends, they are only allowed to play with apps chosen by us or watch kids’ shows via streaming services. YouTube in other words is off limits as it’s difficult to control what the kids end up watching. We have not seen the need to test YouTube Kids -app yet.

What we have done though is watched YouTube together on TV. Our kids love seeing music videos (does one still call them that…?), like songs from Trolls films, and then dance and sing along. Frank Sinatra’s My way was on our top list last summer after the kids saw the little white mouse called Mike blasting it in Sing’s talent show. We much preferred that tune to Baby shark.

Watching these clips has been great entertainment to all of us, including the show that our own kids put on. And recently something else positive came out from YouTube that makes especially Sara happy.

As our kids go to Swedish speaking daycare it has been tricky to get them to listen kids’ music in Finnish. But along came YouTube and the animated clips with Finnish songs. These clips are rather... interesting, the graphics are quite poorly produced with clip-art style animations and don’t always match what is being sang, but the kids love them so what can we say. And suddenly our Spotify top lists are filled not only with Mike the mouse singing Sinatra but also children’s songs in Finnish, many dating back to Sara’s own childhood. Just imagine the nostalgia.

So even if our kids are not allowed to roam YouTube freely it has its’ positive sides. Thanks to YouTube Finnish songs are suddenly cool in our household and the kids are improving in their second language. This warms our hearts.

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