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May 2021 favourites

Every month we will write about the kids’ entertainment that has been popular in our house. Considering that what is hot and what is not seem to change quite often, we are unlikely to run out of content.

Favourite app:

This app is so great that it actually deserves a post of its’ own. Kids help Alfie/Alfons to pick fruits and vegetables to create smoothies with and then sell these at the smoothie stand. You then earn money for tools and other useful things. Both our daughter and son love playing with this app, it is engaging and simulates learning without requiring any mathematical skills. Bonus points for the graphics that are true to the original Alfons Åberg (or Mikko Mallikas in Finland).

Favourite book:

This beautifully illustrated book features a large house where different animal families live in their apartments. There are tons of fun details to discover and a story about a rabbit’s birthday party to follow. We actually have started creating stories of our own which is appreciated especially by our soon 5-year old. The book is big, literally, which is an experience in itself when reading it to kids.

Favorite on TV/streaming:

Hey Duggee (Hej Jycke in Sweden and Hei Taavi in Finland. Shown e.g. in SVT, Yle Areena, HBO and BBC)

This is another gem that most definitely deserves a post of its own. Hey Duggee is a long-time on/off favorite of our kids but forever favorite of us parents. The cartoon is about a dog called Duggee who runs a daycare for a punch of little animals. In each episode these little animals learn something new and earn a Duggee badge. The 2D graphics are fantastic and the little stories so funny that even grown-ups are entertained. Very well done BBC.

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