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March 2021 favourites

Every month we will write about the kids’ entertainment that has been popular in our house. Considering that what is hot and what is not seem to change quite often, we are unlikely to run out of content.

Is it just us or did March go by really fast? Nampa-launch made the month hectic but it’s probably the groundhog days at home office that create a bit of a blurred feeling. Kids had fun as always, here’s what’s been hot this month.

Favourite app:

The first iPad was launched in 2010 and Toca Boca was one of the first companies to create apps for kids. This year Toca Boca is celebrating 10 years of great apps and have discounted many of its’ products on the app stores. We have a few Toca Boca apps already and now purchased Toca Hospital. This app has engaged both of our kids but what fascinates us most is the learning curve of our 3-year old. He navigates and plays with the app like a pro. Playing doctors have also become a favorite activity outside of digital world.

Favourite book:

Chris Haughton’s books deserve a post on their own but as we have been reading Don’t worry little crab this month we’ll include it here too. The book is simply gorgeous and although especially our eldest enjoys hearing it as a bedtime story, there is a risk that parents love it even more than the kids. The beautifully painted graphics and the perfectly flowing story makes this book such a joy to read and to listen. The book is translated to various languages so we hope you can find one that works for you.

Favourite on TV/Streaming:

Peppa Pig/Greta Gris/Pipsa Possu

OK so this is hardly a secret tip, we guess a great majority of parents are familiar with this particular pig. This month our kids have been obsessed with it and there are three things that we as parents appreciate: 1) This is a show that works for both our 3 and 5 year olds, which is not given. 2) Peppa Pig is available via many streaming services which enables swapping languages. Hence, Peppa is Pipsa in our household to support the minority language. 3) We as parents find the show entertaining. Many of the jokes are clearly meant for us and not for the kids (nothing too rude obviously).

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