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February 2021 favourites

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Every month we will write about the kids’ entertainment that has been popular in our house. Considering that what is hot and what is not seem to change quite often, we are unlikely to run out of content.

Favourite apps:

Sago Mini launched this beach holiday themed app at the end of last year and it has since been quite popular with our soon three-year-old son. Quality of Sago Mini apps is high and this is not an exception. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Sara is launching a new Nampa-app on 25th of March so the kids have got to test the beta-version frequently. It’s very handy to have your own testing team at home but it’s also quite humbling. The feedback you get is rather direct… but as it leads to app improvements, one just needs to take it and move on.

Favourite book:

We borrowed this lovely Hugo book from the library and have very much enjoyed reading it as a bedtime story. It’s about a crocodile who used to be a star of a circus but one night gets pushed out from his trailer by a career hungry dromedary (just this little detail is wonderful) and had to move to a forest far North. The illustrations are super charming and the text flows very well. The length of the book is perfect for our daughter who is almost 5 and the amount of text works so that Sara can translate the book into Finnish as she reads on.

Favourite on TV/streaming:

This show is like made for our cat-crazy daughter. It’s about a girl who turns into a cartoon version of herself so that she can play with her toys (all cats) in her dollhouse. The program is quite stereotypically girly in all its’ pinkness but at the same time it’s well made and Gabby is portrayed as a strong girl. Our son has enjoyed watching the show too. At the moment there are only 10 episodes on Netflix and we have seen them all around 100 times so we are expecting a change of favorite show anytime soon.

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