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April 2021 favourites

Every month we will write about the kids’ entertainment that has been popular in our house. Considering that what is hot and what is not seem to change quite often, we are unlikely to run out of content.

Favourite app:

Have you ever downloaded a kids app that you thought would be great but the child just isn’t interested? Pango Paper Color was one of those apps for us; we loved the idea of it but our daughter showed little interest at first. However, now a few months later she has suddenly found the app again and has really enjoyed colouring the origami-style sceneries. It is a lovely, creative app with beautiful animations and calm pace. So don’t abandon a quality app if it doesn’t seem to stick initially, it could just be that the timing wasn’t quite right.

Favourite book:

This is a charming book written and illustrated by London based Marta Altes. The story is about a cat who thinks he is the boss in the house - until one day to his great shock a dog moves in. The book is a joy to read as a bedtime story to our 3- and 5-year olds and especially (and unsurprisingly) our cat-crazy daughter is a fan.

Favourite on TV/streaming:

Pino and his friends have been a favorite of both of our kids for a long time. It’s one of those cartoons that can be forgotten for weeks and then suddenly the kids get completely obsessed with it again. Pino is originally from Sweden but the animated series as well as the books have been translated to many languages. We mainly watch Pino on SVT, both in Swedish and Finnish. Pino has also his own YouTube channel, if one can accept the ads and like in our case some occasional tantrums when YouTube is taken away…

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