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App tip: Little kitten

Ages: 3 - 5

Especially for kids who love: Cats and other cute animals

Devices: iOS

Cost: 4.49 EUR/50 SEK, no in-app purchases

We were thinking, which app would be the very first one we would recommend? There were quite a few candidates and these will get their space in the limelight too. But one (or three) that stand out are the Little kitten apps by Squeakosaurus. We have all the three apps on our iPads: the original Little kitten, Little kitten and friends as well as Little kitten adventures.

The 3D graphics in Little Kitten apps are simply amazing. The very real looking cat comes up and close on the screen and kids can interact with him. The cuteness levels are off the chart. Our daughter is completely obsessed with cats (our dog Alfons is offended) and has been playing with the apps for a couple of years already. Now our son, soon 3-years old, has started to play and really enjoys them. It doesn’t actually matter that he doesn’t often know what to do (we don’t even always know what to do), he learns as he explores.

All the three apps contain dozens of activities each, from feeding and bathing the cat to artistic painting and puzzle solvin. You can find the full list of activities from the App Store links.

For the youngest we would recommend starting with the original Little kitten, the other two apps are best for kids who already have some experience on playing with other apps.

What else is good:

The Little kitten apps are safe to play with no advertising and contain no in-app purchases.

There is no text or talk so language barriers are not an issue.

What could be even better:

There have been some bugs and crashes along the way, but the developer seem to be fixing them regularly and keeping the apps updated.

The apps are only available for iOS-devices. It’s a shame that not everyone can play but from experience with Nampa, we know that developing for both iOS and Android is a big investment. So let’s download these great apps to potentially enable future Android apps too!


The German developer Squeakosaurus has done a fantastic job with these apps and their unique graphics make them stand out from the rest. The apps were first created in co-operation with another bigger German developer, Fox & Sheep, which is a quality stamp on its own.

Have your kids already played with Little kitten? What did you think about the app?

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