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App tip: Moka Mera Lingua

Name: Moka Mera Lingua

Ages: 4+

Especially for kids who love: Learning languages through play (or have parents who’d love their kids to learn languages through play)

Devices: iOS and Android

Cost: Free (for real, no ads either)

We downloaded the Moka Mera Lingua language app quite spontaneously and were very pleasantly surprised. Despite it being 100% free (!), the app has plenty of high-quality content. It has been developed with Finnish educational experts and researchers, and (our guess) is also sponsored by educational institutions which is a quality stamp on its own.

Our daughter who is soon five and bilingual got really into this app. Her Finnish is not as strong as Swedish so we chose to learn Finnish. Other languages covered are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

The app functions like most kids apps and has doll-house feel with mini-games. Our daughter is engaged and enjoys playing in the different rooms - and polishing her Finnish while she does it. And what could possibly be more fun for a preschooler than pressing buttons in the bathroom, getting a sound effect and listening the app saying “poop” or “fart” in the chosen language?

What else is good:

The app is easy to use and the child can also play independently.

What could be even better:

If one gets a high-quality language learning kids app for free, one can’t ask for improvements.


Moka Mera is founded by two producers who used to work at the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle creating content for kids (Sara is happy to “meet” other fellow female founders!). This is how Moka Mera is described on their website: Moka Mera is a family of educational, playful applications and tools for children, teachers, and parents. Our content is based on the Finnish curriculum for early childhood education and developed together with Finnish experts and researchers.

Have your kids already played with Moka Mera Lingua? What did you think about the app?

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